Why launch this magazine?

… ‘The internet’ is crammed with all kind of blogs, some more captivating and interesting than others. Many blogs start out extremely promising but get abandoned pretty fast and are left 'out there’ to bleed to death.

Reading the above..., aren't you thinking why in the world would Threon launch this magazine? It's simple, we love to be challenged! 

Sharing the best of our world with you

With this online magazine we want to contribute to the project management community by creating a trade magazine that offers interesting insights in project, program and portfolio management related topics. It is also the perfect opportunity to create a forum for Threon employees, where they can raise their opinion on the latest hot items in the field of project management.

Last but not least, we want to demonstrate our five core values to the world. Show our Passion for our profession, build a sustainable relationship with the Community, while maintaining the highest standards of Integrity. The Discovery of new and creative solutions is equally key to our approach, which is oriented towards Accomplishments: we deliver what we promise, always.

For now, enjoy and let us know what you think!

The Threon Magazine-team

Photo by Elon Musk

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