Run, Threon, Run

Mens sana in corpore sano. Or for speakers of a living language ‘a sound mind in a sound body’. I'm part of the rat race generation, but how did I survive a real life rat race? Read on and get a taste of the action...

I. THE QUESTION: How I Got ‘Involved’

When Charlotte asked me to join the Neptunus Run, I’m pretty sure that my mind wasn’t sound. Sure I said, let’s run 10 kilometers. How hard can it be? Turns out, pretty hard.

II. THE START: A Warm Day At The Beach?

Picture this: a raging sea fighting with the wind. 3500 courageous runners gathered at the Military Base of Lombardsijde (Belgium). 10 kilometers, 15 obstacles… on the beach. Context? The second edition of the Neptunus Run.

Although the Neptunus Run is a race, the goal is to work together as a team to overcome the obstacles and reach the finish line. Leave no man behind. This seemed perfect for us to have a sports-teambuilding: ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ and all that!

Not realizing what I was getting myself into, together with Sven, Thomas, FlorisTom, Stefaan and Jeroen… I was ready to have fun.

Ready… set…start, off we went.

III. THE RACE At Omaha Beach

Accompanied by the deafening yells of Threon’s very own cheerleaders, we started the race by climbing over a huge wall. We crawled in the sand through barbed wire. We overcame monkey bridges. We got electrocuted… This was all a piece of cake, until we reached the 5km milestone.

At the desolated sands of Omaha Beach, (as this part of the race was called) the loose sand gave us a hard time. Oh what an understatement! At this point I daydreamed that we were really having a warm and lazy day at the beach instead. But a series of dips in the freezing sea brought me back to reality and gave me some much needed extra energy. We started to smell victory whilst many other teams surrendered to the sand. Omaha Beach was a slaughter. But we, we survived.

“Venimus, vidimus, vicimus.
We came, we saw and we conquered!”

IV. THE FINISH: There Is No ‘I’ in Threon

During the last mile (all walls and ropes, sigh), exhaustion started setting in. Ignoring the fatigue, using our last ounce of strength, we managed to reach the finish line with our heads held high. There we witnessed completely exhausted people crawling, crying… even bleeding to make it to the finish line. But we did it! We completed the race, as a team. We felt like gods of the sea.

High on victory we took an ice-cold shower to cool down from the race (ok, mostly because there were no hot showers). After all, what’s a little cold water when you are gods of the sea?

The Finish


Always say yes when a colleague proposes a simple run on the beach…

And always bring along spare shoes. I learned this the hard (read: cold) way.

PS Want to experience the race from the comfort of your own office chair? Watch this video below:

See you at the next race perhaps!

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