Is project management boring?

We tested this hypothesis on students.

On August 18th we organized our annual Project Management Summer Camp in Ghent. This 1-day introduction course for students or recent graduates offers a sneak-peek into the basic principles of Project Management and Threon’s best practices.

During the course we tackled some of the key challenges a project manager faces on the job: “What is considered a project and how is it different from my day to day activities?”, “How do I identify the stakeholders for my project?”, ”How do I determine the scope of a project and make sure it is complete yet clear at the same time?”, etc.

Great opportunity to learn the basics of a very intriguing branch in consultancy”

We tried not to bore the trainees too much with theories and frameworks but challenged the students and young graduates to actually come up with solutions themselves. After a short theoretical explanation, we divided the group into several smaller groups to jointly think about a challenge we had given them and present their solution to the entire group. The result was a fun and interactive day where everyone could contribute and give their personal perspective on Project Management and its application in ‘the real world’.

After the training, we had an informal reception at offices. Many of the trainees joined us for a chat, a drink and some tasty pasta, freshly served by Stella.

Overall, the feedback from the students was very positive:

“Good variation between theory and practice”
“the combination with exercises made it very understandable“
“The trainers really did their job thoroughly and in an enthusiastic manner”

As for us, the trainers that day, we had a wonderful time sharing some of our knowledge and experiences we gained on the job with this enthusiastic group of students and young graduates. On top of that we gained some additional experience in facilitating a training. All in all it was a successful day, both for the students as for the trainers.

We are definitely looking forward to next year!

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