I Know What You'll Do Next Summer

The Innovation fever is spreading! September 2 and 3 extra sessions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

And August 25, 26 and 27 inspiring sessions near Ghent. Find all you need to know right here.

Good news! One of my oldest and dearest friends bought a house in the city center of Ghent! We all know what that means: house warming party! My friends and I are really looking forward to it; however... finding a date that suits everyone isn't the easiest of jobs.  

Today is February 12th. The first possible date for a group of 14 people to come together is... mid August. I kid you not.

That's when it hit me. Our 3th edition of Innovation Week is getting closer by the minute: I need to inform you now to enrol!

Innovation What?

Innovation Week. Well, to be honest it's three days :). But let's go back to the 'what'. At our customers, my colleagues get confronted with various Project Management related challenges. Some more challenging than the other. And some challenges even keep our customers awake at night. Like any company, even in house at Threon we encounter some obstacles from time to time regarding organizational project management. So we thought, let's confront these obstacles, look at them from a whole new angle and find effective solutions to destroy them.

We invented Innovation Week to share these solutions with you in an interactive way. During the workshops, we challenge you. But you get to challenge us too. We defeat your challenges and find solutions. We focus on being unconventional, insightful and to the point. For instance, have you ever attended a workshop named “How to keep your PMO alive”?

Didn't think so. 

Innovate When?

The end of the Summer holiday means back to school for your kids -  and perhaps for you as well… as Carpool Manager. While your children show off their new bag at school, how about you parents show off your new point of view on old topics at work?
That’s why we schedule Innovation week at the end of the summer. It’s the ideal way to end the energizing holiday period and to start the new work year with some fresh ideas! 

This year's edition will take place from the 25th until the 27th of August. And due to popular demand, I'm happy to announce extra sessions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (September 2 and 3)

Innovate Where?


We like to welcome you to our cosy think tank in Zwijnaarde. Just a short drive from that beautiful city center in that beautiful city with the second best mayor in the world. Just my humble opinion ;).

Or if you like mystery, sign up for the sessions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at a secret location and equally beautiful :). 

Why Should You Participate?

"Interactive, new insights, well worth the day!"

"Very interesting! I have new view points on the matter and I will eagerly share those with my colleagues!"

"The session combines known best practices in a method & structure that is easy to implement and gives a refreshing innovative way to look at your own business."

This is just some of the feedback we received after the previous edition. If this hasn't convinced you and the location hasn't convinced you, maybe this will...  Curious to find out what your peers are struggling with in their organizations? Or how they've overcome those stubborn issues that are haunting you? 

Then don’t miss out and contact me nowHow? Delphine.vandewalle@threon.com, just click on the link and email me for more information. But most importantly, don’t procrastinate and enrol now: August 25 – August 27, Ghent (Belgium) and September 2 and 3, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

I'm looking forward to meeting you this summer.

Photos found at www.nic.gent and www.leroyal.com

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