How an app became the heart of V!GO's business

Through a mobile app project we made V!GO's logistics more efficient, which in turn made their customers more satisfied. This project was recently selected for the Supply Chain Award, we aspire to win, so fingers crossed!

Being the leader in the Belgian orthopedic industry, it’s not only vital for V!GO to continuously improve their products, but it’s equally important that V!GO keeps on investing in high quality service for their patients. Early on in 2013 it became clear for V!GO that their existing processes and technologies were no longer sufficient to improve their customer's experience. They hit their growth ceiling. Time for a change.

Focus on customer experience

Jan Ruysschaert (CEO V!GO) appointed me to take on this project. An intensive period of analysis, comparing different solutions and alternatives, resulted in the birth of iV!GO. This application quickly became the heart of V!GO’s business.

Health care providers can easily order orthoses in the app. These orders are now filled out more accurately right from the start, resulting in a much faster turnaround by production, the warehouse and administration.

Health care providers can also inform their patients far better through the app. The health care provider doesn’t only have access to the right delivery date, but also V!GO’s whole product range, catalogs of external suppliers and all samples for the completion of his or her product. iV!GO is the key to a better customer experience.

More efficient logistics

In many respects, iV!GO was the answer to the management’s needs. Next to a better informed and happier customer, the app has also shortened the supply chain and delivery times throughout different processes:

  • Before the advent of iV!GO, administrative employees had to manually enter paper orders into the existing system. This was a laborious and error prone process. Removing this step and adding smart validation on the digital input now fully guarantees complete and correct orders. Which in turn saves manufacturing the time which used to be needed for correcting faulty orders. In general, this optimisation allows the same employees to do more useful work.
  • Lead times have decreased so patients have to wait less for their orthoses to arrive. The biggest improvements are measured in the prefab products line. These stock products are now delivered about 33% faster. Custom orders are now started 10% faster and can be monitored closely, since there is always a clear overview on all incoming orders.
  • Using scanners and QR codes at the MATCO (Material Coordination) department has made processing of incoming and outgoing transport a lot more efficient.

Strategic advantage

The iV!GO project has transformed V!GO as a company. Centralising all information onto one platform not only improves the patient's experience, but also the experience of health care providers and all other involved employees. V!GO has reinvented itself by this project and is stronger than ever. With iV!GO, one of the most advanced and integrated systems in the industry, V!GO has a very valuable competitive advantage that will serve the company's strategy for the coming years.


We won the Prize of the Audience!

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